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Visiting the Amish

Cyber visitors often wonder if it is possible to communicate via the Net directly with the Amish to learn more about them. The answer is no. The Amish do not use electricity or telephones in their homes, both essential ingredients for cyber communications. While Amish.Info provides information about the Amish, the best way is by Visiting The Amish.

When planning your visit to America’s Amish Country, please consider that the Amish themselves do not solicit nor encourage tourism to their quiet countryside farms. In fact, they avoid anything more than casual contact with strangers and any possible influence from the outside world of the Englisher just as they have for more than three hundred years.

Visitors to America’s Amish Country can enjoy the sounds, sights and smells from the simple roadside stands set up by the Amish to sell excess farm produce to in town shops which sell Amish Made goods and attractions and accommodations operated by the Englishers to serve tourists.

To enhance your visit to America’s Amish Country, please respect the privacy of the Amish just as much as you attempt to protect your own. For religious reasons, most Amish avoid having their picture taken. They will cover their face or turn away from a camera just as you would if a stranger suddenly tried to take your picture. Keep in mind, too, that flash cameras snapped in front of a passing Amish buggy may frighten the horse and endanger the buggy’s passengers.

Visit America’s Amish Country for its unique sights, sounds and smells, the beautiful scenery and the wonderful taste of Amish foods. Take time to learn about this unique religious subculture and take away great memories and souvenirs of your visit with the Amish!

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