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Amish.Info is America’s first website devoted to Amish Country information, Amish made products and tourism services. Here you’ll learn about the Amish people and history, the Amish culture, and its best-known icon, the horse-drawn Amish buggy. Browse online stores featuring handcrafted Amish quilts, Amish furniture, dolls and other crafts. Sample Amish foods and recipes. Better yet, plan your visit to Amish Country here. See Amish farmers working their fields, savor the aroma of home-cooked Amish noodles, and relax to the clip-clop sounds of a bygone era. You’ll find it all here today…only in America’s Amish Country.

Visiting the Amish

Cyber visitors often wonder if it is possible to communicate via the Net directly with the Amish to learn more about them. The answer is no. The Amish do not use electricity or telephones in their homes, both essential ingredients for cyber communications. While Amish.Info provides information about the Amish, the best way is by Visiting The Amish.  Read More…

Amish Lifestyle

The Amish — who speak Pennsylvania Dutch among themselves — live within highly personalized relationships, avoiding more than casual contact with strangers who might attempt to educate them to the ways of the outside world. While the Amish avoid most of the conveniences of the 21st Century, something that most outsiders have difficulty understanding, they are happy in their way of life. Read More…

The Amish Buggy

The most obvious symbol of the Amish is their horse-drawn buggy. Buggies come in many styles and colors, reflecting the preferences of the various communities. Read More…

Frequently Asked Questions about the Amish

Do the Amish celebrate Christmas? Why don’t the Amish want to be photographed? Do the Amish make their own clothing?  These and dozens of other questions, and answers, can be found on our Amish FAQ page.